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ETTAC Newsletter

Volume 4: Winter 2017

Program Spotlight
SPARK Ignites Fascination, Friendship, and Fun

Written By Jenny Newby

It's 3:30 in the afternoon, and there's a strange energy in the ETTAC building. The staff buzz with a sense of anticipation, the excitement growing as the minutes tick by. What is it that makes us count down the moments until 4:00? A strange alignment of the planets? Something in the water?

Finally! The hour is upon us, and the first attendees begin to arrive. Music plays as they trickle in. Volunteers and staff greet them as they put away their snacks and coats. They bombard us with questions about what sorts of adventures the evening holds. They are coming for a brand new ETTAC program unlike any program that has come before it. They are here for SPARK.

SPARK is an afternoon and evening program for people of all abilities. Daily activities include music, art, games, cooking, gardening, robotics, and all sorts of things we are still dreaming up! Participants (affectionately known as Sparklers) work with caregivers and ETTAC staff to come up with individualized goals that may include learning new skills, socializing with others, and expanding their knowledge of the world around us. Themed days include Music and Movie Mondays, Tournament Tuesdays, Wild and Wacky Wednesdays, and Show What You Know Thursdays.

SPARK currently runs from 4:00-7:30pm Monday through Thursday and is open to participants ages 14 and up. Friends, family, and caregivers are welcome to participate, or they may choose to run errands or engage in some well-earned relaxation at the ETTAC facility. The cost is $10 per day with discounts for full-week participants.

If you would like to learn more about SPARK, or if you know someone who would be a great Sparkler, call ETTAC at (865) 219-0130 and ask for Joel or Laura.