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AgrAbility Flyer
Services provided to farmers, farm workers, and their family members who have disabilities.
Adaptable Toys
adaptable toys
Kinds of toys that are and are not able to be adapted for Toy Tech.

Additional Resources

AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)

Using a Mobile Device as an AAC Device

iPad Apps

- Search Apps for Special Needs

Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems


  • Use a cutting board with nails in it for peeling vegetables, cutting cheese, etc.

  • Use a grater or bowl with suction feet.

  • Use a cutting board with rollers for moving pans.

  • Use a Dycem mat to keep pans/bowls from sliding.

  • Use a frame to keep pans from slipping off the stove.

  • Use plates with curved walls to help guide food onto a fork or spoon.

  • Use large-handled silverware. 


  • Use velcro instead of buttons.

  • Use side zippers instead of back zippers.

  • Use zipper pullers and button helpers.

  • Use an apron with pockets for carrying things.

  • Use a long-handled shoe horn.

  • Use a bootjack for removing shoes.

Around the House

  • Add self-locking casters to chairs to make them move easier.

  • Three-ring binders can be padded and used as support for writing and reading.

  • Wooden platforms can be used to help step into bed or bathtub.

  • Use long-handled dusters and grabbers

  • Store items at eye level, and within reach (6" less than your arm's length)

  • Put rollers on storage items (shelves, boxes, carts)

  • Place grab bars in critical areas (bathroom, stairs)

  • Remove small rugs.

  • Increase lighting.

  • Place tape for contrast on steps. 

Personal Care

  • Get a toothbrush or hairbrush with a thicker handle.

  • Place a suction cup on a denture brush.

  • Use a soap mitt instead of soap and facecloth.

  • Use a velcro strap around a razor to hold it more securely

  • Place a suction cup on nail clippers, nail files, or nailbrushes.

  • Place safety treads or rubber mats in bathtubs.

  • Use a bath chair.

  • Use hand rail that clamp to the side of the bathtub.

  • Attach sturdy fabric, or pullers to a bath towel to help in drying.